The Market: Great Selection at Great Prices

Help us support the local economy by eating local foods! Want better taste, better nutrition and new flavors? You should stop by and browse our market. We have a great selection and our products are exceptional. We have fresh milk, eggs, and cheese from local farms, dry goods, oil and vinegar, fresh baked bread from Ladybug Farms Bakery, and various in-season vegetables from Dragonfly’s own Urban Farm.

Freshly Baked Bread From LadyBug Farm

Fresh In-season Vegetables

Delicious Homemade Candy

Grocery List:

Milk & Eggs


Baked Bread
Oil & Vinegar


Homemade Candy
Ask about Our Various in-season vegetables from Dragonfly’s Urban Farm
Plenty of Provisions
Seasoning, Spices & Candy
Come on over, browse our Market – You are sure to find something you like !